Wide Range of Quality Products

We are one of Europe’s most significant Producers of  Paper Stationery Products for the School, Office and Home.  We supply over a 1000 different items amounting to 10's of millions of Quality Products every year to several EU countries. And more recently to the USA as well.


Rhino Exersize Books

Rhino Range

In the UK we produce large volumes for the Commercial and Home markets, and our Rhino brand is synonymous with good quality product, particularly for Exercise Books in Schools, with over 400 different Quality products available to choose from.

Esselte Exercise Books

Esselte Range

In Scandinavia we work with Esselte and produce their extensive paper product ranges, which are very well known in those markets. In Finland we produce significant volumes for the Commercial Sector and the Rhino Exercise Book is very popular in Schools.

Capital Notepads

Capital Range

The Capital Brand is well known and widely available through specialist School supply businesses and Book Shops, covering all Classroom needs with a thorough Quality range.

Aisling Notepads

Aisling Range

In Ireland Aisling is the most popular and well known Brand. It is available anywhere that sells Exercise Books - or Copies as they are known locally. There is a good wide range of Quality products covering the needs of School, Office or Home.